Get Into It

  • Role: Art Director
  • Agency: loyalkaspar
  • Year: 2018

In 2018, Bell Media’s CTV engaged Loyalkaspar to complete their first rebrand in over twelve years, aiming to position themselves as a digital-forward entertainment brand while cementing attribution over a broad range of programming that included the biggest names in American television.

At the core of the new identity was the ‘Viewfinder’, a flexible yet lightweight framing device that unified their visual identity and strengthened brand attribution. As Art Director, I helped lead the development of the visual identity as it applied across multiple platforms and consumer touchpoints, from on-air to digital display advertising and out-of-house.

The CTV website & a mobile device shown side-by-side. Both feature a single coloured line that frames the keyart, helping to identify it as CTV content.
As part of the launch campaign CTV took over Bloor-Yonge Station.